Flower Essences

This is a compilation of information from all over the web about the Flower Essences that I make and collect from the land.  Special Thanks to everyone sharing information about the wonderful healing properties of the flowers!


Flower essences bring balance and harmony to our electrical systems.

Flower essences work directly with the “Soul.”  Each flower has its own unique and beautiful vibrational signature.  When used in meditation, the flower essences deliver personal messages to help us in our healing journeys.

The human body has within and surrounding it an electrical network. When we experience health, this electrical network is balanced and fully connected. When something in our life or environment compromises that balance, the electrical system responds by either short-circuiting or overloading. That imbalance in the electrical system immediately impacts the central nervous system and sets up a domino effect within the body that can lead to illness.

How do I use flower essences?  They can be used in so many ways! Meditation, 2-4 drops on the tongue, in drinking water, spray bottles, and bath-water.  Relax with them to absorb their wonderful vibrations!

Baby Blue-Eyes: Baby Blue Eyes helps to restore the soul’s original innocence and childlike trust. The soul is helped in its healing by learning to recognize goodness in others and in the world, and thus to become more accepting, positive and open in its expression and actions. Patterns of imbalance: Defensiveness, insecurity, mistrust of others; estrangement from the spiritual world; lack of support from the father in childhood. It is especially beneficial for those who experience the father wound through their vulnerability and sensitivity.

Blackberry Flower Essence: Quality – Purity Pattern of Disharmony – Negativity; pessimism; sarcasm; cynicism; focus on dark or unkind thoughts with resultant downward flow of energy; fault-finding; nitpicking

Message of Self-Mastery – Kindness; mental clarity; optimism; sees the good within self and others; inspirational; incisive and direct, yet gentle; offended by mistreatment of living things

Borage Flower Essence: Opens us to both earth and spirit energies, allowing for courage to learn our lessons here on earth and the knowing that we can meet challenges and succeed. Borage is for heavy heartedness and lack of confidence when facing challenges. The remedy is said to bring courage to the taker, providing a condition of “buoyancy of the soul”. (Katz and Kaminski 1994) Borage is said to bring “lightness and ebullience to the soul, filling it with optimism and enthusiasm.”

Buckeye Flower Essence: (CA) Resolves neural restrictions and blockages relating to the eyes, the optic nerve and the visual processing center of the brain. Strengthens vision for both nearsightedness and farsightedness, encourages the removal of physical toxins from the eyes and reduces the impact of aging on the sense of sight.  CA Buckeye Flower Essence strengthens the ability to understand and work with vision and its proper place in one’s life.  It may provide an attunement to one’s purpose as well as to ecosystems, agriculture, and nature spirits.  Use this to increase abilities through the third eye, with an alignment of the 6th and 9th chakras.

Buttercup Flower Essence: Positive qualities: Radiant inner light, unattached to outer recognition or fame. Patterns of imbalance: Feelings of low self-worth, inability to acknowledge or experience one’s inner light and uniqueness. Helps to restore and heal the inner child and helping us remember the creative gifts we carry into this world. The spirit of the sacred child arises within the human heart when this remedy is taken, helping us to see the Truth of who we really are. This is a perfect flower remedy for children, and any person who wishes to restore self worth, inner treasures, and an illumed awareness of self-love.

Columbine–  Aquilegia formosa

Positive qualities: Radiant expression of one’s unique creativity and inspiration; distinctive individuality as a source of luminosity and radiance for others; inspired acting and speaking in the world

Patterns of imbalance: Hesitation to express one’s creativity and individuality; inability to take social or creative risks; mid-life crisis calling for re-constellation of soul forces and life expression

Coyote Brush Flower Essence: Positive qualities: Balanced psychic awareness, deep penetration and understanding of the transpersonal aspects of oneself.  Patterns of imbalance: Psychic and physical toxicity, disturbed dreams; chaotic inner life, drug addiction. Providing you do not have liver disease, this flower can flush and detoxify the liver and support the immune system. (NOTE: if you have liver disease do NOT take this flower essence).

Calendula: Healing warmth and receptivity, especially in the use of the spoken word and in dialogue with others.

Cosmos Essence: associated with the throat chakra and are used by shy people or anyone who is planning to speak in public.  It helps with articulation.

Dahlia: can be used by those who are too self-absorbed to see the suffering of others.  It helps one to see others for who they are (useful in relationships) and creates the desire to care for others and give compassion.

Dandelion Flower Essence: Use when you have physical problems with your liver or gallbladder, or experience old anger and rage that are turned outward towards others or inward towards yourself.  Use Dandelion Essence when you have difficulty planning and organizing your life and putting into action what you have planned. Dandelion Flower Essence helps to clear the energetic patterns of addictive behaviors such as alcoholism and chemical sensitivities that have become imbedded in the liver and gallbladder.  It supports the release of emotional and physical imbalances that feed hormonal imbalances such as menopausal hot flashes.

Dandelion Flower Essence works on the energetic level of the liver and gallbladder systems to clear toxic emotional, mental and physical imprints.  The imprints may be genetic, from present or past life experience, or from environmental toxins. Supporting the energetic liver and gallbladder systems strengthens digestive and hormonal processes.

Helps release emotional tension held in the muscles so that we may be flexible in body and mind. When we are in over- drive, helps restore balance and inner ease. Great essence to add to massage oils.  Dandelion is used to attune oneself to the Earth to become grounded.  It is also used to release built-up energy (emotions, tension, etc.) and as a relief from insomnia.

Evening Primrose is used to heal emotional pain absorbed from the mother at an early

childhood.  It opens the ability to form deep, long-lasting relationships by dealing with issues like rejection, fear of relationships and parenthood and difficulties dealing with sexual and emotional feelings.  It balances the female system.

Foxglove Flower Essence: Activates Higher Heart Chakra, GOOD FOR: For menopause hot flashes, vertigo and dizziness, and headaches. Sexual dysfunction. Excellent for increased confidence and self-esteem. Has been known to stimulate Kundalini. Wounds to the heart; old grief that has refused to be processed. (do not take if on heart medication).

Hawthorne Flower Essence: a positive symbol of the heart through its ability on a subtle level to open the heart to spiritual growth and love. The Hawthorn will help release blocked energy, not only releasing stress, but creating an ability to trust and let go of fear. As fear is released, great psychic energy is liberated, primarily in the heart centre. Negative thought-forms in the person’s own aura, become dislodged, and the way for the energy of love is opened. For this reason, the Hawthorn is particularly potent as a tool for healing affairs of the heart and can be given as a token of friendship and love.

Jasmine Flower Essence: For those who feel congested, sluggish, mentally cloudy and lack direction in life, Jasmine clears the mind, enhances mental clarity, promotes an awakening of philosophical concepts in those previously agnostic, and brings a practical sense of direction to those seeking a new path in life. The Jasmine essence stimulates the God spark that resides within the heart chakra. It is for living in the NOW and it will help unload the burdens of the past, leaving them behind.

Kale Flower Essence: Gives us strength and conviction to put words onto action.

Lettuce Flower Essence:Quality – Calmness

Pattern of Disharmony – Restlessness; too many thoughts at once; inability to concentrate; excitability; repression; troubled emotions; agitation; for anger; nervousness; inability to make decisions

Message of Self-Mastery – Clear communication skills; unblocked creative expression; ability to achieve; decisiveness; ability to speak one’s truth; concentration

Lupine   Lupinus latifolius

Positive qualities: Expanded self-identity that is integrated within a larger community matrix; ability to sacrifice or sublimate personal needs or desires for a greater whole

Patterns of imbalance: Selfishness, greed; intense identification with petty concerns or narrow interests that stymie community welfare

Lupine Flower Essence entrains the energetic pathways that feed fear, anxiety and panic with the energetic pathways that encourage a sense of peacefulness. It also strengthens the energetic pathways between the emotional heart, olfactory system, other parts of the limbic system with the peaceful aspects of the amygdala.

Madrone –  Arbutus menziesii

Positive qualities: Fullness and abundance of the physical body; ability to receive and enjoy physical nourishment

Patterns of imbalance: Severe dieting, non-acceptance of one’s body weight or size; possible history of physical aversion to one’s mother; malnourishment or disturbed breastfeeding; absence of physical soul warmth in early childhood

Nasturtium is used when there is mental fatigue from studying or working.  It helps connect the throat, brow, and crown chakras with the lower chakras.  It can also be used when people are living in their heads and need to be more connected with their root, sacral and solar plexus chakras.

Nicotania (Green)

Positive qualities: Awareness of the heart beat of the earth as a sustaining force for humanity; Alignment with the breathing pulse of the earth in one’s own soul (such as seasonal rhythms and alternation of day and night)Patterns of imbalance: Inability to care for life on earth due to the hardening of heart forces; materialistic, egoic, or militaristic tendencies due to arrhythmic technologies and lifestyles

Opium Poppy: Papaver sominifera (pink/purple spots) Permits being inverted into one’s interior world. Seeing from the soul’s eyes with human perceptions of this world. Expansion, aura exercises, experimenting with boundaries. Useful when rigid in life and life’s choices. Thinking outside your box and society’s box. Use for Universal expansion. 7th and 8th chakra dilators. Also for those who are too in their spiritual chakras and checking out in life with drugs or any other stimulants to avoid life. Addictions. Repressed and distorted spirituality on individual and social level. Being interconnected with all. I matter! (research)

Rose Essence opens the heart to the vibration of unconditional love.  It can be used by those whose lives become stagnant by opening up new opportunities.  It can be used when one is taking majors risks in life as it helps create the desire to succeed.

Sage Flower Essence: There are many beliefs regarding Sage’s ability to keep one’s mind strong and clear. Sage is recommended for use by women who desire to hold their own world in business or who are working to manage a household. It is a most useful plant for single mothers.

Shooting Star Flower Essence: a potent elixir for curing alienation on all levels. This remedy is profoundly healing for people who do not feel that they belong on this earth and who are deeply alienated from humankind. They often feel that they should not have incarnated and suffer from a profound homesickness for another realm. Some believe themselves to be starseed — that is, beings from another solar system who have for some purpose taken human form. Shooting Star flower essence helps ease discomfort for anyone who is feeling alienated from the physical. It helps bring the overtly spiritual back down to earth. Shooting Star will allow a person to “get back into the game” and fulfill the role or purpose for incarnating into their body. It also helps one make human connections with other people along their personal path. Very good catalyst for love of mankind.

 Sweet Pea Flower Essence: Positive qualities: Commitment to community, social connectedness, a sense of one’s place on Earth.  Patterns of imbalance: Wandering, seeking, inability to form bonds with social community or to find one’s place on Earth.For those who are subjected to intense pressure in their working environments or family life, who need a still, calm place to which to retreat, whose sanity feels threatened by the continuous activity around them. It is also for those who feel somehow misplaced, that they do not belong, who have a longing to be part of something that fits them, that feels right. This essence facilitates one finding inner peace, one’s place on the planet, one’s own path, and then committing to it.

St. John’s Wort Flower Essence is used for courage, strength, and spiritual awareness.  It is used by people who need to become more tolerant of their surroundings (environmental stress andallergies) and of others.

Sunflower Flower Essence is best used when one is depressed and needs a bit of sunshine (specifically during the late winter months).  It is the essence of solar energy because it is invigorating and holds the properties and power of the sun.  The sunflower essence enhances personal charisma, courage, confidence and clarity as it balances the male and female energies. It is a tremendous tonic for the third chakra, or solar plexis, and builds stamina and empowerment within the soul.

Thistle Flower Essence is used when there is a lack of trust in the Creator.  It helps focus one’s connection to the Spirit in order to increase inner strength and confidence.

Thyme Flower Essence: This essence enhances receptivity and facilitates experiences that take one beyond the threshold of physical reality into experiences of multi-dimensional awareness, developing the capacity to awaken to other levels of consciousness. It enables one to retain awareness of night dreams and integrate messages from the subconscious received in this way, as well as being of assistance when one consciously desires to give messages to the subconscious mind. This essence is also useful in the therapy process, or in past life regressions where one is seeking to access experience from different times. The pronunciation of thyme and time is not coincidental and in any situation where one seeks to transcend the limitations of time and space, this essence can be used. It is a good addition to many of the other essences. Thyme Essence is used for invigoration and self-revitalization.  It is a very energizing essence.

Trillium (Trillium ovatum) – Encourages effortlessly integrating your personal energy into the Matrix of the universal All-That-Is. As the essence says of itself: I AM one with the Divine Matrix of Life.??

Trillium’s name, which in Latin means “in 3’s,” refers to the 3 petals of the blossom, 3 leaves, 3 sepals and 3 stigmas (tip of the female organ where the pollen lands).

Symptom:  Use Trillium Flower Essence when you want to be more connected to all of Life, to feel the Oneness of everything.  If you sense/feel an area of your body that feels disconnected, less energized than other areas, there may be a broken connection between that spot and the Divine Matrix. Action:Trillium flower essence will reorganize your energy fields so points/areas of your body that are disconnected can learn to maintain a connection to the Divine Matrix.  Trillium flower essence is also effective for use during meditation, channeling or any time you desire to feel more connected to The Whole. It carries the signature of sacred geometry and sacred numbers as they influence the holographic matrix of ALL-That-Is.  The plant grows in 3’s as noted above. When petals, leaves, sepals and stigmas are added they give the numbers of 3, 6, 9, 12.

Zinnia Flower Essence: Positive qualities: Childlike humor and playfulness; experiencing the joyful inner child, lightheartedness, detached perspective on Self.  Patterns of imbalance: Overseriousness, dullness, heaviness, lack of humor: overly somber sense of Self, repressed inner child. This essence assists the individual who is over-serious, heavy or grim, with a repressed inner child. It brings carefreeness, ebullience and the ability to laugh, play and see the humour and wonder in situations, to lighten up, developing a sense of the ineffable. It helps one pay attention to joy, giving one’s energy to create form so that joy may manifest. Zinnia is also of assistance to adults in relating to children.




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